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Hi there! Just wanted to let everyone know that I posted a YELP page for my business!  If anyone has had me do a CRYSTAL THERAPY session on them or has purchased my Jewelry, please take a second out of your day to leave me a review!! Thank you so much!  If you do, I’ll give you $5 off of your next healing session! Love, light and many blessings!

Check out my interview about Crystal Therapy & Pregnancy!


I was interviewed by PHOENIX STANNA, former Miss Newport Beach, Finalist in Miss California Contest!  Check out the interview! It’s pretty interesting and has some great tips!  There’s more to come later!



sliced agate mala Citrine Mala black tourmaline mala Banded agate mala


































































$45 (not including tax and shipping)


From wikipedia: A Japa mala or mala (Sanskrit:माला; mālā, meaning garland[1]) (Tib. threngwa[2]) is a set of beads commonly used by Hindus and Buddhists. Malas are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or the name or names of a deity. This practice is known in Sanskrit as japa. Malas are typically made with 16, 27, 54 or 108 beads.

Citrine is solidified sunshine! It emits a solar ray of joy, expansive and potent. It connects your centre of will with the Divine, allowing you to use your personal power, mental focus and creative ideas to create a beautiful life. Citrine brings clarity, positivity and joyous transformation. Where you have indecisiveness, fogginess or uncertainty, Citrine can be used to become clear as to which direction to follow. Some keep a piece of Citrine in their wallets to bring a constant flow of money into it! Physically, Citrine is good for stomach trouble, digestion, the thyroid and for the circulatory system.

Chakras: All
Astrological sign: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra

Agate is an excellent stone for rebalancing and harmonising body, mind and spirit. It cleanses and stabilises the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity. Agate enhances mental function, improving concentration, perception and analytical abilities. It soothes and calms, healing inner anger or tension and creates a sense of security and safety.

Agate heals the eyes, stomach and uterus; cleanses the lymphatic system and the pancreas; strengthens blood vessels and heals skin disorders.

Black Tourmaline (Schorl) clears negative emotions and thoughts and opens you up to joy and honesty. It aids in the receptivity of inspiration and allows it to flow freely into your mind. It does not hold a charge or store energy and so doesn’t absorb negative energy- it repels it! Carry this stone when you feel surrounded by negativity. It’s great for use in times of crisis or for periods of extreme stress, and it is a powerful protector until you are strong enough in your own power. It’s good for those who are highly sensitive and easily influenced by inharmonious energies. It helps you break through old patterns and fears, and cultivates inner wisdom, courage, stability and patience.

Chakras: Base
Astrological sign: Leo, Ophiuchus

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Crystal Necklaces

The Crown Chakra or “Sahasrara”




Don’t ever ignore that depressed feeling, that feeling of alienation, or the one of confusion.  Many may feel like they are spiraling down and pills are the only answer, but this all may mean that your Crown Chakra is blocked or malfunctioning.  Your Crown chakra is located at the top of your head or right above your head when laying down. The Crown chakra is related to your central nervous system, cerebral cortex, pineal and pituitary glands.  When this chakra is malfunctioniong, you could experience depression, alienation, confusion and attachment issues.  This chakra can be physically experienced as pressure at the top of the head.  The Crown chakra is associated with bliss, spiritual connection, understanding and detachment from illusion.

The best way to fully develop, understand, unblock, and use the crown chakra to it’s full potential is to meditate.  Deep meditation is key to this chakra; it is where you can let go of everything and find complete peace.  It is in this chakra, combined with the Third Eye Chakra, that when fully opened, you may even be able to experience a connection to spiritual realms.  You’ll maybe even experience psychic ability when fully opened.


Diseases connected to this chakra are:

Headaches: A mind overflowing with suppression of thoughts, feeling, or an obesession.

Epilepsy: A miscommunication between our physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

Paralysis: A withdrawal of energy from an area, due to a deep trauma causing us to deny life.

Parkinson’s Disease: Tremors that may indicate fear bottled deep within from the past, future or the way in which we move in our physical body.

High Blood Pressure: Bottling up of anger and emotions; also linked to the heart chakra.  



To open or unblock the Crown Chakra:



Crystals:  Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Celestite, Blue Sapphire, Sugilite


Ylang Ylang: aids in relaxation, calmness and sensuality.

Linden or Lime Blossom: opens us up to channel nature spirits (angels) of the landscape.

Lotus or Water Lily: immediately opens Crown chakra bringing you to an hypnotic state of bliss.

The Brow Chakra aka Third Eye Chakra or AJNA

brow chakra


Do you have problems with your vision?  Do you get headaches or really bad migraines?  Do you tend to have a lot of nightmares?  This could all be due to a blocked brow chakra.  Your Brow Chakra is located between your eyebrows, on your forehead; it also has everything to do with your pineal gland.  It controls our intuition and clarity.  If blocked or malfunctioning you would experience things such as migraines, headaches, vision problems, nightmares, illusion, etc..  The brow chakra is the chakra of the “mind’s eye”.  It is associated with imagination, intuition, clairvoyance and unconditional truth.

This chakra is called the Third Eye because it means that it is our eye of psychic vision.  Many believe that the Pineal Gland links to the Pituitary Gland, becoming a communication channel with higher spiritual planes, and enabling an exchange of information.  It is said that when we fully use ourselves with the power contained within our third eye, we should be able to step beyond our mind, with all of its desires and longings, and enter the realms of knowledge and wisdom.  With this being said, people who meditate on, and are able to open, their third eye chakra may be able to experience psychic visions (also known as clairvoyance).

There are a couple of health issues, that I’ve already mentioned, associated with this chakra.  When blocked or malfunctioning, it could be due to an endocrine imbalance. Disorders such as Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism and sleep disorders can occur.  If seratonin levels are not regulated it can affect your mood, sleep, sexuality, menstrual cycle and appetite; but can also play a role in depression, anxiety and migraines.  If you are experiencing any of these issues, please feel free to contact me for a Crystal Therapy session.




To Unblock or Open this chakra:


Exercise:  Meditation, Crystal Meditation, Candle Meditation (purple or indigo candle), yoga, kundalini yoga

Crystals:  Herkimer Diamond, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Sodalite

Aromatherapy:  Frankincense (anti-inflammatory, antispetic, astringent, carminative, digestive, diuretic, expectorant and sedative)

Basil and Holy Basil (antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, digestive, emmenagogic, febrifuge and nerve tonic)

The Throat Chakra or VISHUDDHA



Do you feel that you have a problem with COMMUNICATION, EXPRESSING YOURSELF or SPEAKING YOUR MIND?  Vishuddha means “to purify”.  The throat chakra is an important bridge from the heart chakra because it takes us from one side of the river of our life (our body), to the other side, into spiritual realms.  Our throat chakra is the place where we can speak or sing our love for: our partner, our world, our god/s, our goddess.  Conversely, we can use our voice to hurt or slander, speaking bitter words that destroy and turn the energies of this chakra inward.  We cannot receive positive energies in this chakra unless we speak in good words.  An energy imbalance in the throat chakra will present as EAR, NOSE, THROAT AND RESPIRATORY problems in the physical body.  So, when there is a discomfort there, the throat chakra is the first place to give healing.  The color associated with this chakra is TURQUOISE.  It is located between the collar bone and larynx in the neck.  When this chakra is blocked or malfunctioning, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually you will experience, insecurity, dependency, communication issues, inability to think clearly, inability to express yourself and respiratory issues.

Physically, Vishuddha is associated with the production of thyroid balancing horomones.  These are linked mainly to the way we develop:  this chakra receives messages from higher chakras saying, “this is the rate at which your body will grow.”  Throughout our lives, thyroid and parathyroid glands in the neck keep a variety of body functions going, including the repair of body cells, blood calcium and phosphate levels.  Imbalances that may BENEFIT FROM THROAT CHAKRA HEALING are: GRAVES DISEASE, HYPOTHYROIDISM & GOITER, HYPERTHYROIDISM, HYPERPARATHYROIDISM, HYPOPARATHYROIDISM, EXHAUSTION, DIGESTIVE & WEIGHT PROBLEMS, SORE THROATS, NECK PAIN, PAIN IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD.

A deficiency of energy (hypo.) in this chakra can make us feel afraid, timid, manipulative and afraid of sex.  An excess of energy (hyper) in this chakra can bring a dogmatic nature, arrogance, self-righteousness, or makes us excessive talkers.  Such people are likely to be sexually dominant and forceful.  A simple way to clear your throat chakra on a daily basis is to tap the throat area 3 times.

Emotionally, the throat chakra has to do with our inner voice (our strengths and weaknesses) and self expression; if we are feeling depressed, we need to talk to somebody.  Holding these feelings in, and never expressing yourself, can result in depression and suicidal tendencies.  REMEMBER TO NEVER HOLD THESE NEGATIVE FEELINGS IN.  SPEAK TO SOMEBODY, WHETHER IT BE A FRIEND OR COUNSELOR, AND COME SEE ME FOR A CRYSTAL HEALING.  PLEASE SEE ME AS YOUR CRYSTAL THERAPIST, FRIEND AND COUNSELOR.  I can give you lifestyle tips, dieting tips, crystals and other advice.













The Heart Chakra or “ANAHATA”




Oh.. The heart chakra.. this, to many people, is considered to be one of the most IMPORTANT chakras; at least mentally and emotionally.  Let me explain…  This chakra is physically located near the heart/lung region.  While PHYSICALLY it is in control of your LUNGS, HEART, CIRCULATORY SYSTEM, ARMS, HANDS, IMMUNE SYSTEM AND LYMPHATIC SYSTEM… people store so much hurt and emotional trauma in this chakra.  Mentally, psychologically, spiritually and emotionally, this chakras’ function is LOVE, PASSION, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, COMPASSION AND DEVOTION.  When it is blocked or malfunctioning, we experience feelings AND disease, such as: ASTHMA, CORONARY DISEASE, LUNG DISEASE, IMMUNE SYSTEM DYSFUNCTION, DEPRESSION, GRIEF, LACK OF PASSION, LACK OF TENDERNESS, INNER-CHILD ISSUES, AND REJECTION.

THE COLORS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS CHAKRA ARE MAINLY GREEN AND PINK.  The Heart Chakra has 12 lotus petals; they represent LUSTFULNESS, FRAUDULENCE, INDECISION, REPENTANCE, HOPE, ANXIETY, LONGING, IMPARTIALITY, ARROGANCE, INCOMPETENCE, DISCRIMINATION, AND AN ATTITUDE OF DEFIANCE.  The heart chakra is also associated with the element of air.  It is linked to the ages of 22-28; when we are often forming deep emotional relationships, hopefully ones that are returning the feeling.

Physically, our heart pumps oxygen rich blood from the lungs to all parts of our body.  It conveys water, food, oxygen and all forms of life force energy; it removes waste products through the kidneys, liver and lungs; and it carries important parts of the immune system!  Many people today suffer from medically diagnosed HEART DISEASE.  However, doctors are noticing that high blood pressure can be an initial sign of MENTAL STRAIN often caused by bottled up stress, anger or frustration.  The health of the physical heart would greatly improve if we did things to release past traumas and emotional pain, and not judge others.

Emotionally, do you ever find yourself asking, “what is wrong with me?”, “why aren’t I popular and loved like other people?”?  You may feel like you’ve had no luck in love, like you cannot establish meaningful relatiionships with people, or like you do not have lasting friendships.  This may give us doubt in ourselves and make us question our ability to relate to others.  These feelings can grow and grow until they are a REAL imbalance; preventing us from being able to love ourselves or anyone else.  If we don’t deal with our feelings, especially these types, we begin to BOTTLE UP, and store, our emotional pain.  Next, our entire chakra system will CLOSE in on itself and no longer be able to “FEED” the physical body effectively.  Take the steps to open up!  Talk to someone, mediatate, whatever it takes; it’s not just important for those amazing emotional relationships you’ll begin to have, but also for your health!












ROSE OIL: Antiseptic, emmenagogic, hepatic, sedative, and uterine.

MELISSA OIL: anti-depressant, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, anti-viral, febrifuge, nervine and sedative.

NEROLI OIL: Anti-depressant, sedative and aphrodisiac.





The Solar Plexus Chakra or MANIPURA



Manipura, in Sanskrit, means “City of Jewels”, but is also known as “place of gems”.  It is often pictured as a ten petal lotus of the color yellow or gold.  It is located between the navel and the bottom of your sternum.  The psychological function of the solar plexus is WILLPOWER, personal power, expansiveness and opinion.  The body parts that this chakra is related to are your digestive system, liver and gall bladder.  Spiritually, this chakra has to do with growth.  If this chakra is blocked, some things  you may exprience include: powerlessness, fear, anxiety, introversion, anger, shame, sense of victimization, digestive troubles, chronic fatigue and hypertension.

Think of Manipura as the sun in your body drawing in solar radiance as a type of prana (energy), and transducing into a form that enables the flow of vital energies throughout the physical body to be regulated.  The meanings of the ten petals of the solar plexus are said to be spiritual ignorance, thirst, jealousy, treachery, shame, fear, disgust, delusion, foolishness and sadness.  These all must be overcome in order to overcome the next chakras in order (heart, throat, third eye & crown chakras)!

Many health problems can occur if STRESS blocks your solar plexus chakra.  Things like Diabetes and Cancer are both a problem for this chakra, especially when stress is involved.  People can become edgy, depleted, depressed, insecure and fearful.  It is important to do things to keep your energy positive, and yourself open and balanced (see below).



Things to do to open or stimulate your solar plexus chakra:




Crystals: CITRINE



CLARY SAGE: Strongest relaxant, very euphoric, anti convulsive, anti-depressant, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, emmenagogic and aphrodisiac.

JUNIPER: IDEAL FOR SOLAR PLEXUS, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, anti-toxic and emmenagogic.

GERANIUM: Anti-depressant, antiseptic, deoderant, diuretic, tonic, and EXCELLENT FOR TREATING PMS.




The color related to this chakra (our 2nd chakra) is ORANGE. The Sacral chakra is associated with the element WATER, and this chakra has to do with how we process water throughout our bodies.  The most key issues of this chakra are relationships, violence and addictions.  the sacral chakra has everything to do with your reproductive system.   Mentally, emotionally and spiritually it deals with the feelings of creativity, joy and enthusiasm.  In Sanskrit, the meaning of SVADISTHANA is “sweetness” or “one’s sweetest abode”, and it is pictured as as orange lotus with six petals.  The orange petals of the lotus symbolize a secret connection with the high sixth state of consciousness into which we are evolving.  The petals are also associated with affection, pitilessness, a feeling of all destructiveness, delusion, disdain, and suspicion on the path to a sixth state.  It is widely known as our sexual energy center.

The Sacral chakra is located between the naval and the genitals, and is linked to the adrenal glands that lie above each kidney.  They are concerned with the production of adrenaline, cortisol and aldosterone.  It’s psychological functions are those of sexuality, desire, emotion, creativity, and pure unconsciousness.  This chakra is related to our reproductive organs, tongue, kidneys, bladder and lower back.  When it is blocked or malfunctioning, we can experience things like emotional problems, sexual guilt, a halt in creativity, and urinary problems.

Linked to ages 8-14, they say when this chakra is stressed in our adult years, it may be a result of our early years in how we learned to understand our self in relationship to our mother.  Stress in this chakra causes us to put walls up to avoid what we really feel.  During love making, as kundalini (energy from your root chakra) rises from the first chakra to the second, it can hit a wall of blockages, and a real feeling of bliss will not be able to arise throughout the chakras.  This can cause people to go from one lover to another to try and find that bliss, when, really, they have to open their blockage.  Any negative emotions held in the sacral chakra, such as anger and fear, can eventually cause illness; such as Colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, bladder tumors, malabsorption diseases of the small intestine, and unexplained lower back pain.

















SANDALWOOD: Anti-depressant, anti-septic, anti-spasmodic, aphrodisiac, astrigent, bactericide, expectorant and sedative.

JASMINE: Analgesic, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, sedative and uterine.

ROSE OIL:  Antiseptic, aphrodisiac,anti-depressant, sedative, hepatic, emmenagogic and uterine.

YLANG-YLANG: Aphrodisiac, Anti-depressant, anti-septic, sedative, ands dispels anger.

CHAMPACA: Aphrodisiac, anti-depressant and stimulant.

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