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The Heart Chakra or “ANAHATA”




Oh.. The heart chakra.. this, to many people, is considered to be one of the most IMPORTANT chakras; at least mentally and emotionally.  Let me explain…  This chakra is physically located near the heart/lung region.  While PHYSICALLY it is in control of your LUNGS, HEART, CIRCULATORY SYSTEM, ARMS, HANDS, IMMUNE SYSTEM AND LYMPHATIC SYSTEM… people store so much hurt and emotional trauma in this chakra.  Mentally, psychologically, spiritually and emotionally, this chakras’ function is LOVE, PASSION, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, COMPASSION AND DEVOTION.  When it is blocked or malfunctioning, we experience feelings AND disease, such as: ASTHMA, CORONARY DISEASE, LUNG DISEASE, IMMUNE SYSTEM DYSFUNCTION, DEPRESSION, GRIEF, LACK OF PASSION, LACK OF TENDERNESS, INNER-CHILD ISSUES, AND REJECTION.

THE COLORS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS CHAKRA ARE MAINLY GREEN AND PINK.  The Heart Chakra has 12 lotus petals; they represent LUSTFULNESS, FRAUDULENCE, INDECISION, REPENTANCE, HOPE, ANXIETY, LONGING, IMPARTIALITY, ARROGANCE, INCOMPETENCE, DISCRIMINATION, AND AN ATTITUDE OF DEFIANCE.  The heart chakra is also associated with the element of air.  It is linked to the ages of 22-28; when we are often forming deep emotional relationships, hopefully ones that are returning the feeling.

Physically, our heart pumps oxygen rich blood from the lungs to all parts of our body.  It conveys water, food, oxygen and all forms of life force energy; it removes waste products through the kidneys, liver and lungs; and it carries important parts of the immune system!  Many people today suffer from medically diagnosed HEART DISEASE.  However, doctors are noticing that high blood pressure can be an initial sign of MENTAL STRAIN often caused by bottled up stress, anger or frustration.  The health of the physical heart would greatly improve if we did things to release past traumas and emotional pain, and not judge others.

Emotionally, do you ever find yourself asking, “what is wrong with me?”, “why aren’t I popular and loved like other people?”?  You may feel like you’ve had no luck in love, like you cannot establish meaningful relatiionships with people, or like you do not have lasting friendships.  This may give us doubt in ourselves and make us question our ability to relate to others.  These feelings can grow and grow until they are a REAL imbalance; preventing us from being able to love ourselves or anyone else.  If we don’t deal with our feelings, especially these types, we begin to BOTTLE UP, and store, our emotional pain.  Next, our entire chakra system will CLOSE in on itself and no longer be able to “FEED” the physical body effectively.  Take the steps to open up!  Talk to someone, mediatate, whatever it takes; it’s not just important for those amazing emotional relationships you’ll begin to have, but also for your health!












ROSE OIL: Antiseptic, emmenagogic, hepatic, sedative, and uterine.

MELISSA OIL: anti-depressant, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, anti-viral, febrifuge, nervine and sedative.

NEROLI OIL: Anti-depressant, sedative and aphrodisiac.





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