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My name is Stephanie Di Brizzi, I have always been interested in the beauty of crystals, meditation, health, spirituality, energy, and being able to manipulate it all to heal people.  I now know, more than ever, that it is very possible.  I understand that there are many skeptics in the world, but part of my job, and what I’ve learned in my studies, is showing these skeptics how real the power of crystal healing can really be.  If you allow yourself to be healed and to completely experience the healing, many people would say that it is, “life changing”.  I, myself, use crystals in meditation on a daily basis to keep my Chakra’s functioning and open, and my aura healthy.  Ever since starting this, I can only say amazing things;  It really has changed my life.  I feel like my purpose is to use my energy to heal others, and this I will do as long as I can.  I believe that if we simply think of it as each of us being big balls of energy inhabiting a physical body, then we should be able to heal each other with energy manipulation.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me!


“When we release old patterns and attitudes, we have empty space to fill with dreams…”


  1. david says:

    lovely to see and speak with you today…
    and thanks for that wonderful haircut !

  2. Chanty LaGrana says:

    Hi Stephannie!
    I touched up your makeup on the game show Separation Anxiety. Hope your doing well.

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