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Office location inside of Phenix Salon Suites in the Fallbrook Center in West Hills, CA.

6749 Fallbrook Ave.

Suite 122

West Hills,CA. 91307

(Please call for Directions & Appointments – Serious inquiries only!)


  1. Lily says:

    what does the 1 hour therapy help with? is it also a massage??

    • thechakrastop says:

      The 1 hour session helps to balance and align your chakras (energy centers). If the energy is blocked, you could experience problems mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. So, it’s always good to make sure the energy is flowing freely throughout your chakras for your health and well-being. There is no massage. Just color light therapy, and crystal therapy! Any other question, feel free to ask!

    • thechakrastop says:

      Hi lily. It is not a massage. I just place the stones along your chakras (on your body) and use a pendulum to sense which areas are blocked on a physical, spiritual, mental or emotional level. Then I do the healing portion. The whole time you are laying there resting. I might ask you to visualize color and such, but other then that you just rest and listen to the meditation music. At the end, I give you a handout explaining the chakras and what it means when they are blocked. Hope this helps!

  2. Sheyla says:

    Hello Stephanie !
    I have a quick question its your shop open everyday ? I’m looking for a white quarts pyramid

    • thechakrastop says:

      Hi Sheyla! My “shop” is actually a healing office where I do my crystal therapy session. I am available most days, but mostly by appointment only. I do have many crystals and crystal jewelry available on my etsy!

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